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A note from the principal

We hope that you have a safe, happy and blessed summer! We look forward to seeing everyone renewed and refreshed in August!  

Supply List 2024-2025

Here is the supply list for next school year!!  

library books

Just a reminder that all books were due back to the Library by Wednesday, May 15th.  Any books that are not returned will need to be replaced before report cards can be picked up.  You will receive an email with the missing books for your child this week if you are missing any - please look around and return all library books! 

Summer tutoring

Two of our teachers are going to be offering tutoring over the summer.


Shannon West will be available for grades 5-8 and Katelyn Kammerer is available for grades K-4.


Tutoring should be arranged with the teachers via email:

Mrs. West:

Ms. Kammerer:

Summer fest split the pot

St. Catherine Summer Fest (June 7 and 8) is one of our community's biggest fundraisers. 
We hope to see everyone there!!!

connect: Diocese Jr. High Day

June 18 – CONNECT! Junior High Day Where epic games and adventure CONNECT with friends and faith. For incoming 6-8 grade students. Sponsored by the Diocese of Covington and located at St. Barbara Church. Cost is $25 per child. Register by June 10th. See our website for details.

Fully alive: high school retreat

July 12 - 14 – FULLY ALIVE! HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT ENCOUNTER. Faith. Hope. Joy. For incoming 9-12 grade students. Sponsored by the Diocese of Covington and located at Thomas More University. Cost is $50 per child. Register by July 1st. See our website for details.

Kids Caught in Kindness

Kids Caught in Kindness is a new initiative started by a Fort Thomas Coffee employee who witnessed three kids go out of their way to support another student who was experiencing a hard moment.  At FTC we believe in the importance of recognizing those moments and the kids involved in order to support and encourage more opportunities of kindness.  

There is a lot of attention drawn to the negative behavior and choices of the youth.  Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  As community members we can be the change by looking for kindness and calling it out.  We can also encourage our younger members to “be the change” when we see them acting in kindness and positively reinforcing it.  


FTC has created a “button” which individuals can use to donate into the fund.  Gift cards will be purchased (through the fund) and given to the schools to hand out to nominated kids (as supplies allow). 


Kids can be nominated by anyone in the community, either a teacher, a business owner, another parent, or a community member.  The school that the child attends would deliver the gift card to the child as well as communicate to their parents or guardians that this child was “Caught In Kindness.”

buy your yearbook

The cost is $17.00 a piece.

Yearbook Photos

We switched companies for school pictures this year which means we also changed our yearbook company. StrawBridge has an awesome yearbook website with an easy to access upload page for candid photos!


For the yearbook to be a great success with lots of different activities and students in it, we NEED your photos!  To get to those to us, follow these four steps:

1) Go to this site:  (this is specific to our yearbook)

2) Choose one of the preset categories in the drop down menu (ex: sports).

3) Choose "upload your files'' (for PC, phone, tablet storage) or Google Drive or Instagram.

3) Choose your photos and click "start upload."

4) Once you get the message that your uploads are complete.  You are set!


This is the BEST and EASIEST way for you to share and us to receive pictures for the yearbook. Please consider saving or bookmarking the link for easy adding of photos after an event


Please take a few minutes to go in and add events for this year so far:

first day of school, soccer, cross country, field trips, class days, assemblies, volleyball, etc... We need those pictures!


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Joiene Garlich at

nominate a teacher or staff member

We have amazing educators here at St. Catherine of Siena School. I would like to encourage you to recognize teachers and staff members who have positively impacted your child/children. Check out information below:


Do you know a St. Catherine of Siena teacher/staff member that has really helped you or your child? Has a teacher/staff member been highly effective, engaging, and motivating?


Our staff takes great pride in helping students achieve their spiritual, academic, emotional, social, and physical potential. Take a few minutes and let your teachers/staff members know how much you appreciate their work!

Recognize a teacher/staff member by clicking on the link below.

Board of Education minutes

Please click on the link below to see the approved minutes from the May meeting.

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