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OUR GOAL help St. Catherine of Siena School and our parish be a place where every student reaches their full potential spiritually, physically, and academically. 

Strategy: organized communication and welcoming fellowship events that... 

1. foster more meaningful fellowship leading to friendship among families

2. develop open and clear communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. 

3. increase awareness of school and parish in community, with a goal of being the Catholic school of choice in the region. 

PTO meetings are generally held the third Thursday of the month in McCrystal hall from 7-8pm, but sometimes change. Keep an eye out on the STABLE Facebook page for updates! 

We welcome anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more and supporting our school:

  •      What exactly does a room parent do and what’s with hosting?

  •      Are you new?  How to be active, advocate and engage with St. Catherine

  •      What surprise does the PTO, Booster and Forester collaboration have for our students?

  •      How does eating and dancing support the school?

  •      Marketing, media and PR!

  •      Imagine what we could do if you were part of the PTO!


PTO exec Board

Jennifer Faust - President

Christina Schmits - Secretary

Amy Muench - Treasurer

Katie Hamberg- In-school Volunteer Coordinators

Amanda Pompilio- Event/Fundraiser Coordinators

Molly Hartman - Event/Fundraiser Coordinators

Mike Jacks - Principal

meeting minutes

get involved

Signup to help in your child's classroom

Room Parent: The Room Parent is the communication link between the classroom teacher/school and the parents in the class throughout the school year. They also collect money from the class to purchase gifts for the teacher throughout the year, and they help organize the party volunteers. They are provided with all the information needed to do this job including timelines and a list of your teacher's favorite things!


Classroom Party Coordinator: This volunteer coordinates with the teacher and other party volunteers on the time frame of the party and expectations. They will coordinate the activities for the party. For some classes it could be crafts and games, and others could be watching a movie or board games. 


Party Helper: This volunteer assists the party coordinator the day of the party to help with the games and activities. 


Drink Volunteer: This volunteer brings drinks for the classroom party. 


Sweet Treat or Salty Snack Volunteer: This volunteer brings a prepackaged sweet treat or salty snack for the party. Please be aware of any classroom allergies. 


Napkins: This volunteer brings napkins for the party. 



Kindergarten Sign Ups


1st Grade Sign Ups


2nd Grade Sign Ups


3rd Grade Sign Ups


4th Grade Sign Ups


5th Grade Sign Ups


6th Grade Sign Ups


7th Grade Sign Ups


8th Grade Sign Ups

our teachers' favorite things

We asked our teachers to tell us some of their favorite things!


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

dine to donate

Support our school and feed your family! Visit the participating restaurants on the following dates and a portion of your bill will go to St. Catherine School. 

November 15th: City BBQ


December 12th: Frisch's


January 16th: Chipotle


February 1-29th: BW3

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