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In order to volunteer in the classrooms, attend field trips, or come to classroom parties, you must be Virtus Certified.

To become certified please visit and click on first time registrant.

You should now be able to click on BEGIN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS.

Next click on VIEW LIST OF SESSIONS. This will drop down and you should select COVINGTON, KY (Diocese).  You should now see a list of sessions to sign up for the live training.

Finally, please call the school or parish office to receive your paperwork and information on a background check.

Once you have completed the paperwork, live training and background check you will be asked to complete monthly training bulletins that will come to you via email.  You must remain current on your bulletins in order to volunteer at the school in any way.

School Office Phone: (859)572-2680

Parish Office Phone: (859)441-1352

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