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Frequently asked questions

What time does school start?

The children must be in their homeroom by 7:50 AM.

What time can I drop my child(ren) off in the morning?

The school building opens at 7:25 AM for students to start arriving.

Where do I drop off?

The Parish Center (gym) doors are open at 7:25 AM. You can drop off there, and the children will go straight to their homerooms. Parish center doors will be locked at 7:45 AM, and children should then enter the front doors of the school at that time. Students that are entering after 7:45 should report to the office.

What time is dismissal?

Dismissal is at 2:45 PM. We will be utilizing 3 zones for dismissal. Once all students are in their cars from a particular zone, that zone will be dismissed from the parking lot.

Where can I buy uniforms?

Our plaid “Hunter Classic Navy” pattern for jumpers (K-5th) and skirts (6th-8th) can be purchased at Schoolbelles or at Lands End. Shirts (polos or button downs), skorts, shorts, and pants can be purchased through various retailers (Target, Children's Place, Kohls, Old Navy etc).

What is the uniform exchange?

When their children outgrow uniforms, parents often donate the old uniform back to the school. There are shorts, skorts, pants, shirts, and jumpers available. This is a great resource for school sweatshirts and various spirit wear, too. Contact the school office if you would like access to the uniform exchange room. (859) 572-2680

How do I order a uniform approved sweatshirt?

There are several times throughout the year that we work with Vennefron Apparel to offer a sale on sweatshirts. This usually happens at the beginning of the year, in November (to get in time for Christmas), and in January. An email from the school office will be sent when the sales are active.

When can my kids wear shorts and skorts?

Shorts and skorts (K-5) are permitted from the first day of school until October 29th and then again from March 21st through the end of the school year.

What is Green and Gold Day?

Green and Gold Day is an opportunity to show school spirit. Send your children to school in their Colts gear or in green and gold colors.

What is Out of Uniform for a Dollar?

This is when the kids bring in money to be out of uniform for the day. The money is donated to a preselected local agency. Ensure your child is in compliance with the out of uniform policy in the school handbook.

What is Feeding God’s Children (FGC)?

Feeding God’s Children is on the last Friday of the month. The kids can wear their FGC shirt over their uniform shirt if they bring in the non-perishable item being collected that month. The school office will communicate what is being collected. A monetary donation to the agency is always welcome as well.

What is Team Up with God (TUWG)?

The kids are sorted into teams at the beginning of the year. The teams consist of 8-10 kids from nearly every grade level K-8, with the students in Junior High being the team leaders. The teams pick a team name as a group and design a team shirt. The shirts are worn for the meetings and end of year events. The teams get together every month or so and have a meeting. They write letters to seminarians, and other various service projects. They talk about religious happenings throughout the year – St. Catherine’s Feast Day, Ash Wednesday, etc. They will discuss it and do an activity about their topic. They walk with their TUWG team at Walk-a-thon. Their TUWG team is also their Olympic Day Team. Team shirts are worn for Walk-a-thon and Olympic Day.

What is the School Fair?

The School Fair is held towards the beginning of the school year. It’s a night for you to learn more about the various committees and volunteer opportunities available to you at St. Catherine. This night is typically held in conjunction with Open House.

What is Open House?

This is an opportunity for families to come in and meet their child(ren)’s teacher and see what they have been up to the first few weeks of school.

What is VIRTUS?

VIRTUS is a training program offered by the Diocese of Covington focused on “Protecting God’s Children”. It is a class every adult must take in order to volunteer in the school, attend field trips, work in the cafeteria, coach, attend class parties, anything having to do with interacting with the children. There are several opportunities to take the class throughout the year. Parents and other adults wanting to volunteer have to attend a class, have a background check run, and read a bulletin each month to stay current in the system. A good rule of thumb is to take the class before the school year starts so you can jump right in with volunteering. Information on upcoming classes can be found on the Diocese of Covington’s website.

What is Sycamore?

Sycamore is the tool our teachers use to input grades for parents to be able to stay informed on how their child(ren) are doing. There are also many other useful tools within Sycamore. There is a family directory, staff directory, the lunch menu is posted. You will be sent information from the school office on how to log into your account. There is an app you can download to your phone. Our school ID is 3297.

Why does my child have a school email address?

The school email addresses are used to log in to the various accounts the students use daily. They use their email address to access their Google Classroom account. Their email address can only be used for school related assignments. They can’t email anyone outside of the school server. The students are given all of their log in information at the beginning of the school year.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online service that teachers can use to share class information with students and for students to communicate with teachers for questions outside of the classroom. Assignments can be given, grades can be posted and materials can be shared easily from teachers to students. Students may login into their Classroom account via the internet using their assigned St. Catherine account (usually first initial + last initial + 8th grade graduation year and password of colts + grad year). This account links to other Google suite services including Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Slides that students will use at school.

What is Symbaloo?

The St. Catherine Symbaloo website is a single page with icon links to websites students utilize at school. Links include AR (Accelerated Reader), Google Suite, ABCya!,, XtraMath, etc.. The direct link is

What is AR?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program that helps monitor how your child(ren)’s reading is progressing. After reading a book (or being read to for younger grades), the student logs on to their AR account and takes a quiz. The quiz tests reading comprehension. For younger readers, there are generally 3-5 questions per book. As their reading level progresses through the years, they are asked more questions on the books they read. The student is given points based on how many correct answers they got. Each student is given an AR point goal per quarter. Children can take quizzes during their library period, or when they ask their homeroom teacher during down time. If you are wondering how your child is doing working towards their goal, feel free to email the school librarian,

What is Grandparent’s Day/Praisefest/Walk-a-thon?

This is a big day at St. Catherine! Grandparent’s Day is generally the first Friday in May. Grandparents are invited to spend the entire school day with their grandchildren. The morning starts with an all-school Mass. Grandparents sit with all their grandchildren that attend St. Catherine. After mass, we have Praisefest. Praisefest is when each grade sings a worship song they practiced and choreographed. Parents are welcome to attend Mass and Praisefest. After Praisefest, families go back to the school building to prepare for lunch. Lunch is served in the cafeteria. You can choose to eat at a lunch table or take your food outside for a picnic (feel free to bring chairs and picnic blankets). When lunch is over, the students change into their TUWG shirt for the Walk-a-thon. The Walk-a-thon is a fundraiser for the school. Each family is asked to get sponsors for their child(ren). Grandparents are welcome to walk with their grandchildren (wear comfy shoes). After the Walk-a-thon is the famous 8th Grade Egg Drop. The egg drop is when students create a structure that houses a raw egg. The egg is dropped from various heights to test if the structure can safely cushion the egg to prevent it from breaking.

Does St. Catherine have an after school program?

Yes, we have an After School Program (ASP). At dismissal, the children go with the ASP staff. Typically, ASP is located in the school library. They are given a snack and have time to work on homework. There are various activities available to keep the kids busy. The ASP signup form is on the school website. The parish office sends an invoice once a month for payment for the ASP. The ASP ends at 5:30.

How do I get a lunch menu?

The lunch menu is sent from the school office. It can also be found on the St. Catherine website and on Sycamore.

How do I pay for lunch?

Our diocese uses a service called K12 Payment Center ( The school office will set up an account for your family and send the log-in information. Each child has a number specific to their lunch account that they give to the cashier in the lunch line. You can use the K12 website to add money into your child(ren)’s lunch account for a fee. You can also send a check into the school office made out to St. Catherine to add funds to their account. Be sure to check the website to track the funds in your account.

Can my child celebrate their birthday at school?

Yes! Your child is permitted to be out of uniform for their birthday. Have them go to the school office for the birthday out of uniform pass. You can bring in a store-bought treat or non-food goodie bags for their birthday. They will be distributed at the end of the school day. If your child has a summer birthday, they can celebrate their half birthday with their class. Just talk to your homeroom teacher about it.

What is a Room Parent?

A Room Parent is a contact person between the homeroom teacher and the classroom parents. Sometimes the teacher needs their room parent to organize parent volunteers for class activities. The Room Parent also communicates information from other organizations within the school. The Room Parent collects money for gifts for the homeroom teacher. Typically, $12+ is collected per student. This money goes towards giving the teacher a gift for Christmas and the end of the school year. It’s also used to celebrate the teacher’s birthday. The Room Parent is in charge of contacting the coordinator for class parties two weeks prior to the party to remind the parent volunteers what they signed up to do for the party. Occasionally Room Parents are asked to help organize fundraising events for the school.

How do class parties work?

There are sign-up sheets at the beginning of the school year for the class parties throughout the year. The classes have parties for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the end of the school year. Each party needs a party coordinator. This person is in charge of contacting the parents that volunteered to bring in something for the party. The party coordinator also plans some activities for the class to do during the party. There are also sign-ups to bring in snacks, drinks, and plates & napkins. You must be VIRTUS certified to come to a class party.

What is Olympic Day?

Olympic Day is during the last week of school. It’s an all-day event that you are welcome to attend if you are VIRTUS certified. The kids work with their Team Up with God teams to earn points at various events throughout the day. The cafeteria is closed so students pack their lunch and a drink. A healthy snack table is always set up so send your child(ren) in with some money to buy snacks throughout the day. There are many parent-volunteer opportunities on Olympic Day. It’s one of the best days of the year!

What is Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May. It’s a time to recognize our teachers for everything they do for our school. To celebrate our teachers, we have sign-ups to bring in treats throughout the week.

When are school pictures?

Our school pictures are usually within the first two weeks of school starting. It takes several weeks to get the pictures back. If you don’t like the picture, there is a retake day scheduled for later in the year.

Do we have yearbooks at St. Catherine?

Yes, you can purchase yearbooks towards the end of the school year. Feel free to send photos you took of your child and their classmates to The yearbooks are distributed during the next school year.

What are the Foresters?

The Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) is a Catholic organization that sells insurance - don’t cringe yet! The Foresters sponsor many outreach projects and family friendly activities throughout the year. Every time they sponsor an event, the children that are members, and attend the event, can sign in. The COF headquarters will give our local court $8 for each youth member’s signature. This money is used to sponsor more events and purchase things for the school and parish. All are welcome to be a member. Contact Tom Kaelin at 859-630-3217 for more information. The Foresters also organize the Parish Campout at the end of June. It is a highlight of the summer!

What is the St. Catherine Parish Campout?

The Parish Campout is a COF sponsored event held at the end of June every summer. The campout is typically held at the Kentucky Horse Park. The COF block out 70 campsites for members of our school and Parish. The Foresters plan several fun things throughout the weekend. We even celebrate Mass together on Saturday evening. It’s a great weekend of fellowship.

Is St. Catherine part of Kroger Community Rewards?

Yes, you can set St. Catherine as the organization you want your rewards to support. If you have a Kroger shopper’s card, you can use the website or Kroger app to search for St. Catherine of Siena and select the option to have your points support us. Kroger donates a certain percentage each quarter to St. Catherine.

What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is another easy way to support St. Catherine just by shopping. Go to and select St. Catherine of Siena as your charitable organization. There is even an option on the app within your settings to shop using AmazonSmile. On eligible purchases, Amazon donates 0.5% back to St. Catherine. It doesn’t sound like much, but it really adds up!

What are Box Tops for Education?

Box Tops for Education is a program that donates to St. Catherine for every Box Top you submit. There are paper Box Tops still on some products that you can clip and send into the school office. The program is changing over to all digital Box Tops. You can download the Box Tops for Education app and select St. Catherine as your school. You take a picture of your receipt using the app, and it scans the receipt for eligible Box Top items. For every eligible item you purchased, we get $.10 back from the program. They have bonus offers pretty often so check your app! Box Tops emails will be sent periodically throughout the year to encourage participation. There are two collection periods each year, November and March. The families that participate can earn an out of uniform pass for each child in their family per collection when they notify the Box Tops coordinator during each collection period.

What is Dine to Donate?

Throughout the school year, we try to have Dine to Donate nights. These nights take place once a month at local restaurants. The participating restaurant donates a certain percentage of each bill back to the school. You take a flyer with you to the restaurant and give it to your server telling them you’re with St. Catherine. These are fun ways to have fellowship with other families, and raise money for our school.

What is the Summer Festival?

The Parish hosts a festival the first weekend in June. The Thursday before the festival is the annual golf outing. Sign your foursome up for a fun day! The Friday of the festival is an adults only, 21 and up, music festival night. Get a babysitter and come hang out with other school and church families! The Saturday of the festival is open to everyone. There are lots of games for every age. Delicious food is available. It’s a great weekend of fellowship!

What is the Winter Fundraiser?

The Parish hosts an adults only winter fundraiser every year. The fundraiser is typically in January or February. It’s a night filled with music, raffles, and silent auctions. It’s a really great way to get to know some people you might not know yet.

What is WeShare?

WeShare is the online giving service St. Catherine uses. You can use it for your offering to the church. It’s also used for various fundraisers throughout the year.

What can you tell me about Service Hours?

St. Catherine Students in grades 5-8 are required to complete service hours. Each grade level has a certain number of hours they must complete throughout the year. There are three categories of service, Community Service, Home Service, and Parish Service. The student must take their service sheet with them to their service project, fill out the information on the service, and have the person in charge sign the sheet. All service sheets are to be turned into the school office.

What is Walk/Bike to School Day?

This is a day when children are encouraged to walk or bike to school. If you don’t live close to school, families meet at Rossford Park before school and walk to school together.

Does St. Catherine have a school play?

Yes, St. Catherine has several plays. Our biggest production is our Junior High play. Anyone can attend. The first, third, and fifth grades also put on smaller shows. These shows are only for the family of the students involved in their class’ respective play.

What is a Book Buddy?

Book Buddies is a program within the school where older students partner up with younger students to help them work on their reading skills. Fifth graders are paired up with Kindergarteners. Fourth graders are paired up with First graders.

What is a Church Buddy?

The First graders get paired up with a student from the Junior High for Friday school masses. The older student displays how to participate in the Mass.

What is Catholic Schools Week?

Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is a celebration of Catholic education. It starts on the last Sunday in January and goes through that whole week. Our school has various activities planned throughout the week. On the Sunday CSW starts, there is a Mass to open the celebration. Everyone is invited to Mass at 11:30 that day. There is a reception immediately following in McCrystal Hall. There will be a sign-up for people to bring various things for the event. CSW is also the week of our book fair. There will be opportunities for the students to shop the book fair throughout the week. This is also the week of our family dinner night. The faculty serves lasagna and spaghetti & meatballs to our families.

What are the Boosters?

The Boosters sponsor school-based athletic and academic teams. The Boosters also provide resources to various school and parish initiatives throughout the year. The Boosters raise money by hosting volleyball and basketball leagues. Anyone is welcome to join the Boosters. They meet the second Thursday of the month in McCrystal Hall at 7:30.

What is the PTO?

Our PTO’s objectives are to help St. Catherine of Siena Parish School to be a place where every student reaches their full potential spiritually, physically, and academically. The PTO hosts various fellowship and fundraising events throughout the year. The PTO uses funds raised to give back to the teachers, students, and school community. PTO meets the first Thursday of the month in McCrystal Hall at 7:00. All are welcome!

What are the American Heritage Girls?

The American Heritage Girls (AHG) is a Christ-centered character and leadership development program for girls 5-18. AHG is dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country. Meetings are held in McCrystal all at 6:30 on the second and fourth Mondays of the month.

Does St. Catherine have a Fish Fry?

Yes, St. Catherine has a fish fry every Friday (except for Good Friday) during Lent. There are a lot of options for the whole family, even your pickiest eater! You can dine in or carry out. It’s a great way to meet new people!

What’s the best way for me to stay in the loop about what’s happening at St. Catherine?

Be sure to read all emails that come from the school and parish offices. That is the primary means of communication. Announcements are posted to the website on Friday afternoons. St. Catherine parents and guardians can also request to join our private Facebook group The Stable.

What extracurricular activities are available for my student?

Cross Country Season: Fall Grades: K-8 Registration: St. Thomas CC/Boosters in Summer Soccer Season: Spring and Fall Grades: K-8 Registration: Campbell County Youth Soccer League; End of June for Fall, January for Spring Basketball Season: Fall/Winter Grades: 2-8 Registration: St. Catherine Boosters in October Volleyball Season: Fall for grades 7/8; Spring for 5/6 Grades: 5-8 Girls Registration: St. Catherine Boosters during Summer 7th/8th and Fall 5/6 School Play Season: TBA Grades:6-8

Quick Recall Season: Fall - Winter Grades: 4-8 Registration: QR Coaches/Boosters Governor’s Cup Season: Fall/Winter Grades: 4-8 Registration: Teachers and QR Coaches/Boosters American Heritage Girls Season: August - May Grades: K-8 Registration: St. Catherine of Siena Parish during Summer