due Aug 20

In an effort to reduce paper, we've moved some of our back-to-school forms online! 

Please follow the steps below by August 20 to complete your family's enrollment in St. Catherine of Siena for the 2019-2020 school year. 


> > Update your family's information in Sycamore

  • Log into Sycamore using your existing credentials*

    • Click on 'My Family'

      • Click on 'Information'

        • Update information on each of the 4 tabs (General, Contacts, Students, and Medical)

*If you do not have access to Sycamore or one or more of your students are not listed, please contact the school office

Check here when you have completed the Sycamore updates. 


> > Review and acknowledge the school policies below 


As with many older facilities, St. Catherine was built in an era when asbestos was considered a safe and viable building material. In recent years this practice has been stopped and buildings containing asbestos are closely monitored for safety. Part of the process is to inform parents each year that our building does contain asbestos. All of the areas are safe for children, and constant monitoring and strict construction and renovation codes insure these areas remain safe. If you have any questions or concerns about asbestos at St. Catherine, feel free to call Dennis at the school (859-572-2680). 

I have read and understand the above statement.


Review the Student Handbook to understand St. Catherine School's mission, policies and procedures.

I have read and understand the St. Catherine School Handbook.


As a Catholic school, the dress code should reflect values such as virtue and modesty. In addition to this, uniforms give children a sense of pride in their education, which is exemplified by their respectful attitude toward their schoolwork, their teachers, fellow students and the facilities themselves. It has been proven in various studies that schools that employ uniforms have higher student achievement and fewer discipline problems. By putting on a uniform, it is a psychological cue for the students to ready themselves for learning. Uniforms “even out” any disparity in students in terms of economic status or ethnic differences while also removing the whole “what to wear” headache when getting the kids up for school in the morning. Uniforms do not prevent children from expressing their individuality, but refocus kids to expressing their individuality through their essays, creative writing, artwork, music, etc., which is a more beneficial way of teaching them how to express themselves. When purchasing clothes for your child, make sure they are “uniform” style and free of any logos.

Review the school dress code

I have read and understand the St. Catherine School dress code.


It is very important for your child’s physical education teacher to be aware of any injury, illness or operation your child has had that may affect his/her performance in class. (allergies, a broken bone, not fully healed, asthma, etc.) Please share with us during the year any concerns you may have about your child’s performance in physical education class if accidents or illnesses occur. To get the new year started, use the box below to share any information with the PE teacher. 


We are always interested in finding any parents, grandparents or friends with special talents who may be willing to come in and share with the students. We are also always looking for parents to come and listen to students read, do math flash cards, timed tests, bulletin board decorating, computer aides, or even do things in the evening at home for the teachers. If you are interested in getting on a list to do these things, please fill out the box below with class(es) you prefer, day and time and a list of things you would like to do with the kids. If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 859-572-2680. Anyone volunteering at school must be Virtus Certified.


We will again be ordering t-shirts for the students at the beginning of the year. They will wear their t-shirt periodically throughout the year on Team Up with God Days, Walk-a-thon and Olympic Day. All teams will design their own t-shirts, which will be ordered the first week of school. 

> The cost is $5 per student. Please send in a check to the school office by the end of the first week of school. 


> Fill in the box below with your child’s name, grade and shirt size.

Child's Name:


Shirt Size

Parent's First Name:

Last Name:


These Diocesan forms cannot be completed online.


> > Please PRINT these forms and return them to the school office the first week of school.

> Photo Video Website Release Form

> Food Allergy Form (for students with food allergies)

> Field Trip Driver Form

Check here when you have printed and completed the diocesan forms. 



You're finished! ​Click 'Submit' > >


Church Phone - 859-441-1352
School Phone - 859-572-2680


1803 N Ft Thomas Ave

Fort Thomas, KY 41075




Parish Office Hours:

Mon- Fri. 9am -3pm 


School Office: 7:30am - 3:30 pm, Mon - Fri

during the school year


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