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2022 Stewardship Drive

St. Catherine of Siena

Time & Talent

We are called to give our first fruits back to the Lord. Tithing is part of this, but we also have the gifts of our time and talent to offer. Think about the best way you can serve the needs of the Parish. Do you have a talent for cooking, teaching, or repairs? Can you contribute your time to build fellowship through a social group? How can you deepen your connection to the Liturgy? 

Take some time to truly reflect on where Jesus may be calling you to serve and then complete the form below. 

If you have family members who are interested in different areas, please complete one form per family member. 


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The Full Story

Advisory Councils

Established by Diocesan Rules, these councils exist to support the Pastor in decision-making and oversight. Council members are nominated to three year terms that run July through June. 

Works of Mercy

These groups support the call to show mercy to others. 

Liturgical Ministries

Support the liturgy by being an active member in it.

Note: if you are interested in any of the following ministries, please watch the bulletin for upcoming training sessions: 

-Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion



Social Groups

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Thank you for volunteering! Submit an entry for another family members or return to home if you are finished.

Let’s Work Together

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