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Mary Songs

Updated: May 10, 2020

Our choir has once again recorded more music for the parish, this time with special devotion to Mary. Please enjoy the music, along with this note from Sarah McCoy:

"Growing up in the Catholic Church, Mary has always held a special place of reverence in my heart, and Maycrowning at Sacred Heart Church was the highlight of the year for me through my grade school years.  The rehearsing of Mary songs on oversized songsheets, donning our Easter dresses and suits, processing from the school parking lot over to the church and up and down the aisles, carrying fresh-cut flowers from my mom's garden, the 8th grade boys carrying the Mary statue so carefully, watching the crown of flowers being placed on Mary's head - I have so many vivid memories of that special evening every May.  My reverence for Mary has only grown stronger, particularly as a Catholic mother.  It saddens me that we can't come together as a parish for Maycrowning this year, but the music ministry wanted to share some Mary songs with you at home.  We pray that they enhance your private prayers to Mary this month."

Click here for: Hail Mary: Gentle Woman

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