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From March 16 - April 20, 2020, St. Catherine of Siena School will be using non-traditional instruction due to the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Google Classroom

Instructions for logging into Google Classroom.



If your child doesn't know their XtraMath login, please contact your teacher. 



Login with your child's school google acount. 



For the most recent news and developments, visit the Announcements page. 

St. Catherine of Siena Plan for Non-Traditional Instruction Days (Updated 3.30.20)

Teaching and Learning Resources:

  • Google Drive and Google Classroom will serve as the primary means of communication between students and their teachers. Teachers will post daily assignments and instructional materials in Google Classroom for students to access. All students K-8 have login credentials for individual Google accounts. A document will be emailed to parents providing information about student login credentials and steps for accessing Google Classroom from home.  

  • Teachers will be utilizing screencasting software to create short instructional videos to share with students.

  • Teachers will continue to utilize off-line resources that were sent home with students this past Thursday, such as textbooks, workbooks, and printed worksheets.

  • Individual teachers will continue to utilize online resources previously used for in-school instruction, such as XtraMath, Newsela, etc.

  • St. Catherine’s Intervention Teacher will provide ideas and resources for enrichment and remediation activities for all K-8 students who are looking for additional learning opportunities.

  • St. Catherine’s Intervention Teacher will use Google Classroom to connect and support students with ALPs, providing individualized opportunities for these students to ask questions and receive academic interventions.

  • Teachers may utilize Zoom to host live teaching sessions with students, up to three times a week. For K-5th grade, Zoom sessions will be 30 minutes or less, and for 6th-8th grade, sessions will be 60 minutes or less. All Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared in Google Classroom within 6 hours of the session. Student participation in Zoom sessions is optional. 

How students’ learning will be assessed: 

  • Students will engage in daily practice opportunities, both electronically and with paper and pencil.

  • Teachers will use online assessment tools, including those from our textbook publishers as well as teacher-made tests and quizzes using Google Forms.

  • Students will use Google Documents to submit written assignments to teachers.

  • Accelerated Reader will be available for students to complete quizzes from home.

  • Teachers will check student progress on AR as a means to monitor student reading progress and comprehension.

  • Assignments completed on paper or in workbooks will be expected to be completed as assigned and then turned in on the first day we return to class.

  • Each teacher will determine a system for taking and recording grades for student work. Teachers will communicate grading policies and guidelines to parents via email and to students via Google Classroom.

Expectations for teachers, parents, and students: 

Teachers will…

  • post each day’s assignments and instructional materials to Google Classroom no later than 9:00am daily.

  • email a brief list of the following day’s assignments to parents with students in kindergarten through fifth grade the night before by 10:00pm.

  • monitor email for communication from parents and respond in a timely manner.

  • be available for online communication during daily office hours (Monday-Friday). Online office hours for all teachers will be from 9:00am to 11:00am, and from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.Teachers will respond to online communications received during office hours within 30-60 minutes. Outside of office hours, teachers will respond to online communications within 12-24 hours.

  • clearly communicate directions and expectations for assignments and learning activities.

  • provide students with ample and reasonable time to complete assignments.

  • be supportive and understanding of students who are unable to meet specific deadlines due to unavoidable circumstances.

  • provide timely feedback on student work.

  • communicate any concerns about individual student progress or performance with parents.


Students will…

  • check their assignments online each day, and complete all assigned tasks using their best effort. Kindergarten through second grade students can expect 1-2 hours of work daily, third through fifth grade students can expect 2-3 hours of work daily, and junior high students can expect 3-4 hours of work daily.

  • ask questions of their teachers when help is needed.

  • be attentive to assignment deadlines, and contact teachers ahead of a deadline if there is a valid reason an assignment cannot be completed prior to the deadline.

  • be respectful in online communications with teachers and students and complete all assignments with academic honesty. Follow all school rules during Zoom sessions. 

  • not create a Zoom account or host Zoom sessions using their school-issued google account 

  • read every day. This can be completed in a number of different ways, including but not limited to: independent silent reading, listening to audiobooks, reading with a sibling or parent, reading magazine articles, etc.


Parents will… 

  • support their child(ren) in creating a schedule and routine for completing their assignments each day.

  • support their child(ren) in accessing online materials and resources.

  • support their child(ren) in maintaining their social and emotional balance by keeping healthy habits. Encourage child(ren) to take appropriate breaks away from school work and electronic devices as needed.

  • engage in conversations with their child(ren) about assignments and new content being learned.

  • monitor email for communication from teachers and school administration.

  • address any questions, concerns, or problems with teachers through email.

Changes to Service Hour REquirements for Jr.High

From Fr. Stef's letter dated 7 April 2020: 


Home - no change to existing requirements.


Parish -  will be exercised as spiritual works of mercy rather than corporal works: 


  • ½ of a service hour can be gained by writing a card of greeting or encouragement to someone in the parish.  If your child has begun to do this already, that will count.

  • 1 service hour can be gained by praying a rosary or the Stations of the Cross, asking God to give the graces to a person of the child’s choice.

  • 2 service hours can be gained by actively and attentively watching a televised Mass.  There are two caveats to this. First, it must be an “extra” Mass; in other words, beyond a Sunday Mass.  Second, the students must truly watch actively and attentively. Mass just can’t be on in the background as they do another activity. 


Community - Since the purpose of staying home and social distancing is to benefit the community by trying to slow the infection rate of the virus in the community, I am going to consider all Community service hour requirements as fulfilled.

JUST for fun

Please enjoy some of these other free opportunities for enrichment while we're all staying home: 

  1. Watch Fr. Stef's video homilies here. New videos posted each day. 

  2. Check out some of the free online resources for Catholics, including information on sacramental prep. 

  3. Doodle with Mo Willems

  4. Listen to a read-aloud story here

  5. For middle school students and older, enroll in free Computer Science classes from Amazon. 

  6. Check out Mrs. Ashmore's suggestions for enrichment in Google Classroom. 

  7. Watch the Zoo safari from Cincinnati Zoo, posted each day at 3pm. 

  8. See a recorded version of The Children's Theater of Cincinnati's play "Suffragettes: With Liberty and Voting for All."

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